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Press autonomous a2z, selected as an autonomous driving mobility service provider by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

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작성자 Autonomous a2z 조회 762 작성일 2022-05-27


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The autonomous driving startup Autonomous a2z Consortium announced on the 27th that it has been selected as the 'autonomous driving mobility service pilot operator' by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

Through this project, the autonomous a2z Consortium will prepare a vehicle platform and infrastructure that can provide integrated services for passengers (demand response type) and logistics (delivery service) within Daegu Technopolis and the National Industrial Complex.

A total of seven consortiums participated in this public contest, and two consortiums, autonomous a2z and IT Telecom, were finally selected as pilot operators. Kakao Mobility, KT, Hyundai Autoever, Newbility, and Korea Automobile Research Institute participated in the autonomous a2z consortium.

In this project, autonomous a2z will develop an autonomous driving passenger/logistics integrated vehicle platform based on self-driving demonstration distance and technology possessing self-driving vehicles. It plans to upgrade the service by linking it with delivery robots, control systems, and communication infrastructure.

In particular, by utilizing the existing autonomous driving infrastructure in cooperation with the city of Daegu, the range was expanded (17.6 km) to Daegu Technopolis in the first year (10.6 km) and to the Daegu National Industrial Complex in the second year (17.6 km) for passengers and logistics. It plans to demonstrate an integrated demand response service (DRT) and delivery mobility service.

Kakao Mobility will develop a 'passenger and logistics integrated service platform' necessary to implement autonomous driving technology as a service. It plans to derive platform requirements that can respond to various services and present platform functions such as dispatching and routing specialized for autonomous driving.

In addition, it will be in charge of optimizing the management of passenger and logistics complex orders based on demand forecasting, and clustering areas based on user behavior data, developing demand-responsive dispatch and routing technology, and discovering regional customized service scenarios.

KT plans to provide a 5G-based vehicle-to-things communication (V2X) environment, a low-end terminal (C-V2X only) developed by KT, and a smartphone solution Soft V2X. Hyundai Autoever is in charge of building the next-generation intelligent transportation system (C-ITS) and sensor infrastructure that can be used for real road-based autonomous vehicles.

Newbility plans to implement service scenarios that can acquire data and create maps for autonomous robot delivery service, link delivery robots with control and dispatch platforms, and link between autonomous vehicles and delivery robots.

The Korea Automobile Research Institute is in charge of service demonstration and data analysis by linking the autonomous driving platform with the infrastructure and control system. It will support classification of service verification database, analysis of event results, and deduction of improvement directions for safe autonomous driving (passenger/logistics integration) service operation.

“We will do our best to contribute to the promotion of the commercialization of autonomous driving by providing a new concept service that integrates passengers and logistics,” said Han Ji-hyeong, CEO of autonomous a2z.

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