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Press “Opportunities will come to autonomous driving vehicle startups this year”

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While the commercialization of fully autonomous vehicles has been slower than expected, it is predicted that the 'urban low-speed unmanned mobility' market will be mass-produced within 10 years. Therefore, it is argued that new opportunities will be opened for related venture companies from this year, so they should prepare for it.

Han Ji-hyeong (pictured), CEO of Autonomous a2z, an autonomous driving platform technology company, said this in the 2022 New Year issue of Ventureport.

He predicted that low-speed unmanned mobility will be applied quickly in smart cities, large business sites, and logistics warehouses. In this market, a designated driving route or dedicated lane is driven with a maximum speed of 50 km/h or less. Or, it is relatively easy to secure safety because driving is supported by various external communication infrastructures installed in the city center.

CEO Han said, "In the case of the unmanned mobility market, a full-fledged industrial ecosystem has not yet been established in Korea. However, it is expected that full-scale mass production will begin in smart cities, large business sites, and logistics warehouses within 10 years." It is an opportunity for business,” he said.

This is because Korea has excellent IT, software, and communication technologies along with automobile manufacturing technology. This is the best environment in the world to respond to the future mobility market, he analyzed.

CEO Han said, "Not only Level 4 or higher fully autonomous driving technology, but also Level 3 vehicles have not yet succeeded in mass production. It will not be easy for consumers to purchase Level 4 or higher autonomous vehicles within the next 10 years." It is expected to develop into advanced ADAS (driving assistance) using technology or partially autonomous driving within a limited operating area (level 3).”

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