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Press Selected as an excellent exhibitor and best partner at the International Electric Vehicle Expo

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At the 9th International Electric Vehicle Expo held in May, institutions and companies that exhibited innovative products and established cooperative networks with domestic and foreign companies that exhibited excellent marketing were selected as 'Excellent Exhibitors'.

The 9th International Electric Vehicle Expo Organizing Committee announced on the 23rd that it held the '9th Expo Excellent Exhibitor and Best Partner Award Ceremony' at the Seoul Law Firm Sejong Conference Room on the 22nd.

The organizing committee gave prizes to domestic and foreign companies that were selected as excellent companies in each category by comprehensively evaluating the innovativeness of exhibited products, marketing, booth design, visitor service, entertainment, etc. for companies participating in the 9th Expo.

In the stand-alone booth category, Daedong Co., Ltd., which is leaping forward as a global smart mobility company, the British Embassy in Korea, Schunk Carbon Technology, Polestar Korea, and Myve received awards.

In the basic booth category, Autonomous a2z, Vincennes, and Honam University each took the honor of receiving the award.

Special awards were received by Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power, Gwangju Green Car Promotion Agency, and Ulsan Techno Park.

At the awards ceremony, institutions and companies that provided various cooperative networks for the successful operation of the international university student autonomous driving contest, first held at the 9th Expo this year, were also selected and awarded as 'Best Partners'.

The institutions and companies that were selected as ‘Best Partners’ were Korea Highway Traffic Authority MORAI Dassault Systèmes NSYS NVIDIA Henness Professor Lee Ki-beom of Gacheon University.

Kim Dae-hwan, co-chairman, said, “The companies that were selected as the best companies in the exhibition today and won the award, combined their product competitiveness for the global market with meticulous planning and marketing, and conducted innovative exhibition activities at the 9th Expo.” We will actively support the expo participating companies to speed up their market expansion by establishing a global network,” he said.

Chairman Kim also said, “The first international university student autonomous driving contest held this year was a success with unexpected interest and participation. Thank you very much for your hard work.”

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