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Press Autonomous a2z, approved for installation of 'LiDAR Infra System'

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Autonomous a2z’s LiDAR Infra System

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Autonomous a2z, approved for installation of 'LiDAR Infra System' 

Autonomous a2z (CEO Han Ji-hyeong), a company specializing in autonomous driving mobility, announced that it will install 'a2z LiDAR Infra System', an 'infrastructure-based autonomous driving technology' (ATI, Autonomy Through Infrastructure) in 'K-City', an autonomous driving test city.   K-City' is Korea's first experimental city dedicated to autonomous driving cars, located in the Korea Transportation Safety Authority's Automobile Safety Research Institute in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do. An area of about 360,000㎡ was created in the same way as the actual road environment to test autonomous vehicle technology. Autonomous a2z is a company that operates the most autonomous driving cars on public roads in Korea 31 licensed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, cumulative autonomous driving distance of 230,000 km). The company's 'a2z lidar infrastructure system' is an 'infrastructure-based autonomous driving' (ATI) technology that implements autonomous cooperative driving by installing lidar sensors on infrastructure rather than vehicles and combining them with HD MAP.                         

An official from the company said, "With this approval, we have installed the 'LiDAR Infra System' in K-City." "We plan to implement safe autonomous cooperative driving by providing various traffic conditions such as vehicles, pedestrians, traffic lights, and road information to autonomous vehicles." explained. "The 'ATI' technology was developed based on the technology accumulated by operating the most autonomous driving cars in Korea," he said. It's also excellent," he added. In addition, Autonomous a2z installed the 'LiDAR Infra System' in the school zone in K-City according to the 'Mobility Innovation Roadmap of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport' announced in September, and discovered C-ITS (Next Generation Intelligent Transportation System) safety services · Research for diffusion will also be conducted at the same time. Han Ji-hyeong, CEO of Autonomous a2z, said, “The actual road test is the most important factor in developing autonomous driving car technology. "Autonomous a2z was able to test tens of thousands of kilometers for free in K-City, so we were able to achieve a record of 230,000 km of autonomous driving on public roads," he said. Through this, we expect that various institutions will use infrastructure-based autonomous driving technology and that the domestic autonomous driving industry will develop through this.”

By Kim Tae-yoon, Money Today

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