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Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport(Minister Won Hee-ryong) as part of the "autonomous driving mobility service pilot project" Anyone can use it for freethis possible Self-driving luggage delivery service is Started in Daegu and JejuSaid from May 25th.

"Self-driving mobility service pilot project"based on autonomous driving creative mobileDiscovery of the Liti Projectpromote public acceptanceMOLIT to increase small·Sprout companyof Autonomous car production And Support service operationIn business to do,

Selected through an open call in May last year,Dalgubeol autonomous car(Daegu)' and 'Tamra Autonomy(Jeju)' of two projects Passenger transportation service expanded to include luggage deliveryPlan to be.

'Dalgubeol autonomous car'Is Daegu Technopolis Area(10 km section) demandResponsive passenger serviceIn addition, Incorporating living logistics delivery serviceand national industrial complexTill expand service area(28km section, July).

vicinity Focusing on universities and research institutesto super short distance(within about 2km) Mobility respond to demandof a service model Check the possibility of successand, Introduction of robot delivery(July) Autonomous Driving Logistics Deliveryof Demonstrate the entire processwill do

'Tamra Autonomy' is already in operation along the coastal road near Jeju Airport (approximately 16km section) and the Jungmun Tourist Complex area (approximately 5km2). Tourist-type passenger transportation serviceIn addition, From Jeju Airport to HotelTill traveler's luggage bag(carrier)delivered by autonomous vehicleprovides a service that (☞ Attach reference materials for details such as how to use)

Travelers visiting Jeju at the airport At the same time as leaving luggage, Tamra autonomous car coastal road tourand again at any time You can pick up your luggage at the hotel there will be 

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Park Jin-ho, Head of Autonomous Driving Policy Division“not only passengers various business areasNew business in the autonomous vehicle field through self-driving technology demonstration inthe model create quicklyWe will continue to support it so that it becomes possible.”

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