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Press Autonomous a2z unveils its mass-production model developed in house for fully autonomous mobility at the 2023 Daegu International Future Auto & Mobility Expo (DIFA)!

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Autonomous a2z first showcased its driverless mobility platform, Project MS, which targets buses at the DIFA 2023. │Photo by AVING NEWS

Autonomous a2z, a local autonomous driving company developing a driverless mobility platform, participated in the “2023 Daegu International Future Auto & Mobility Expo (hereinafter DIFA)” in Daegu EXCO from Thursday, October 19 to Saturday, October 21.

Autonomous a2z released its mass-production models for fully autonomous mobility developed in house, Project MS and Project SD, for the first time at the DIFA. MS stands for “Middle Shuttle” and is a driverless mobility platform targeting buses, while SD stands for “Small Delivery” and is a vehicle platform targeting autonomous delivery mobility. MS uses a Level 4 fully autonomous mobility vehicle, a 12-seater self-driving shuttle equipped with autonomous driving solutions. SD is targeting the middle and last-mile delivery with two types of self-driving vehicles that can carry loads of 300 kilograms or more.

Autonomous a2z, which began developing autonomous systems from 2018, has acquired more than 30 autonomous vehicles and validated its software through 300,000 kilometers of cumulative driving miles. The software for the autonomous driving system in this vehicle enables fully self-driving operation at speeds of up to 60 km/h on regular public roads.

The two Autonomous a2z vehicles unveiled this time are designed with redundant multiplexed sensors to cope with sensor failures or malfunctions, an autonomous driving controller for safe Level 4 technology realization developed in house, and a redundant braking & steering system. The design of these mobility platforms ensures safety in performing MRM strategies based on ISO23793 in the event of unexpected failures and emergencies.

Project SD, a vehicle platform that targets self-driving delivery mobility, is on display │Photo by AVING NEWS 

Project SD, a vehicle platform that targets self-driving delivery mobility, is on display │Photo by AVING NEWS

Autonomous a2z stated, "Together with the introduction of a pilot vehicle in 2025, we plan to produce more than 1,000 units per year on an OEM basis by 2030. Considering the system, stability, consistent quality, and scalability of the market, we will expand to in-house production, consignment production, and cooperative production with automakers. This strategy of Autonomous a2z is an approach that will contribute significantly to the development of the domestic future mobility industry through cooperation with domestic automotive and parts companies.”

Meanwhile, the 2023 DIFA, which has been held for the seventh time in Daegu since 2017, covered the entire mobility industry, including eco-friendly vehicles (electric and hydrogen), motorized parts such as motors, batteries, and chargers, autonomous driving, and urban air mobility (UAM) under the theme of From the ground to the sky, a new beginning of mobility. In particular, as the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport and the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy, the co-host Ministries, are the two main pillars of policy promotion in preparation for the era of full autonomous driving services and UAM commercialization through 2027-2030, the exhibition showcased the technological achievements supported by the policy focus and introduced the latest policy directions.

Project SD, a vehicle platform that targets self-driving delivery mobility, is on display │Photo by AVING NEWS 

Autonomous a2z booth at 2023 DIFA | Photo by AVING NEWS

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