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Press Autonomous a2z Operates an Autonomous Driving Shuttle Service between the Incheon Airport Parking Lot and the Arrival Hall

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An autonomous driving shuttle bus operated by Autonomous a2z at Incheon Airport / Photographed by Autonomous a2z

Autonomous a2z, a company developing an autonomous driving solution, announced on the third that it will start operating an autonomous driving shuttle bus between Airport Passenger Terminal 1 and the long-term parking lot at Incheon International Airport.

Autonomous a2z participated in the project as part of a consortium with InfoBank and ATEC Mobility. The goal of the project is to improve the convenience of passengers using Incheon Airport and to turn Incheon Airport into a provider of world-class mobility services. 

The Autonomous a2z consortium has built two Level 4 or higher autonomous driving shuttle buses and made them available to airport users for free. 

One shuttle is a regular bus and the other is reservation bus. Service hours are the same on weekdays from 10 am to 4 pm, and the buses make two to three trips per hour. 

The regular bus circulates between the shuttle stops located in Passenger Terminal 1 and the long-term parking lot. It can accommodate up to nine passengers. For the reservation bus, reservations must be made in advance at the kiosk located in the Arrival Hall (3C or 13C) on the first floor, through the Incheon Airport mobile app (application), or through the QR code on the promotional posters at the shuttle bus stops. It operates on a one-way route from the arrival hall to the long-term parking lot, and a minimum of two passengers and a maximum of four passengers can use the shuttle.

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The interior of an autonomous driving shuttle bus operated by Autonomous a2z at Incheon Airport / Photographed by Autonomous a2z

Autonomous a2z has announced that it has developed and built a web-based control system that controls the real-time location, travel route, status, and driving status of autonomous vehicles. In the case of an emergency, an autonomous driving manager and a service manager will be on board to prioritize safe operation. 

Autonomous a2z plans to build a LiDAR infrastructure system (LIS), its own V2X (vehicle to everything) technology, to enable real-time data linkage between infrastructure and autonomous vehicles. Through this, the company plans to advance its Level 4 autonomous driving capabilities and further secure the safety of autonomous driving shuttles.

“Based on our experience in operating autonomous driving mobility services, we will provide customized autonomous shuttle services that are safe and optimized for smart airports,” said Jihyeong Han, CEO of Autonomous a2z.

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