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Press “From robot to airtaxi”… competition to preoccupy autonomous driving among the telecommunication companies is fierce

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Applies to Service Robot to UAM…Telecommunications V2X·5G Strengths 

Autonomous driving technology is also essential for service robots such as quarantine robots and guide robots, automated logistics, and connected cars, as well as urban aviation mobility (UAM), which has been actively discussed recently. The three telecommunication companies are also gathering technology capabilities to increase competitiveness by viewing the autonomous driving market as a future food.

According to industries on the 16th, all three telecommunication companies are speeding up their efforts to secure autonomous driving technology. 

The strength of telecommunication companies entering the autonomous driving market is that V2X (Vehicle Object Communication Technology) must precede when implementing technology. In addition, the ultra-high speed and ultra-low delay characteristics of 5G facilitate space mapping, autonomous driving, and information transmission of robots.

■ Securing technology through collaboration between industry-academia and specialized institutions

The autonomous driving technology promoted by telecommunication companies is based on 5G and cloud computing. Data such as maps are connected to a communication network and collected and analyzed through a giant computer. However, since telecommunication companies do not have the relevant technology in the past, they are competing with industry-university cooperation or collaboration with specialized companies.

SK Telecom is collaborating with Newbility, a company specializing in autonomous driving-based robots. The two companies are currently conducting demonstration of outdoor delivery robots in various service scenarios in the metropolitan area and Jeju Island.

Since the beginning of this year, KT has been developing an autonomous driving mobility platform and control system in partnership with Autonomous a2z, a company specializing in autonomous driving platforms.

In addition, they are researching autonomous driving technology through the AI One Team, an industry-university collaboration. Through this, we developed 'robot indoor spatial intelligence technology' with Professor Myung-hyeon of KAIST to improve the error rate for moving objects to about one-twenty.

LG U+ is continuously collaboration with ACE Lab, an autonomous driving solution company. Recently, the two companies plan to cooperate in developing a system that uses big data and AI to determine whether the software and hardware of an autonomous vehicle are abnormal and informs the operator of the autonomous driving mobility service.

Applying autonomous driving technology from robots to connected car and UAMs.

The government’s ongoing special case of demonstrating the autonomous driving delivery robot business is also expected to serve as a positive factor for telecommunications companies. 

From last month to this September, the three hundreds of KT autonomous driving robots are undergoing demonstration projects by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy for outdoor autonomous driving in Seoul and Chungbuk.

If the special case ends successfully, it is expected that not only KT but also SK Telecom, and LG U+ will use autonomous driving technology more.

Telecommunication companies plan to apply autonomous driving technology not only to services robots but also to future business currently being promoted. 

A typical example is connected car and Urban Air Mobilty (UAM). 

While conducting the connected car business, they are building an autonomous driving transportation network through V2X and next-generation intelligent transportation System (C-ITS).

In addition, SK Telecom, KT and LG U+ are participating in a major consortium in the Korean UAM demonstration project currently being promoted by the government.

Kang chang-muk, a professor of electrical engineering at Incheon National University, explained,” The reason why telecommunication companies are trying to enter autonomous driving technology is that they have the advantage of getting user fees by exchanging data through their own networks. 

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